I serve as a Chief Experience Officer focused on functional design, product design and customer-centred organisational strategy.

With nearly thirty years across functional design, technology, data, & engagement – I build and lead teams that change the way companies do business. My experience spans technology start-ups, ecommerce, geoscience tech, creative agencies, enterprise search and telecom.


I develop human-focused solutions that enhance the work-lives of people around the world. I’ve founded successful start-ups and worked at Fortune 500 companies, helping businesses understand how people and technology intersect.

Customer-informed design transformation on an organisational level.


My approach to transformation is grounded in view of both the company objectives and the customer’s experience simultaneously. I bring a unique fusing of design, product & software development along with an affection for problem-solving creativity.


I am the Acting Chief Customer Officer and Director, Experience Design at Seequent, the world’s largest geoscience platform company. In this role, I effectively serve as the CCO/CXO leading the business forward in adopting design-thinking practices, product design, and customer insights and success strategy. CX, UX, brand, design, marketing, customer success and product stewardship have fallen under my purview during my tenure at Seequent.


Private enterprises, centres of learning, and government organisations the world over rely on Seequent’s solutions to find new ways to solve increasingly complex problems, manage risk and make informed decisions across the lifecycle of large-scale projects. These projects include road and rail tunnel construction, groundwater detection and management, geothermal exploration, subsea infrastructure mapping, and resource evaluation.

Seequent’s vision and innovative approach to technology solutions for complex decision making about some of the world’s most significant challenges are a unified focus of its people, customers and partners around the world. Backing this focus are some of the world’s top investors, including leading Silicon Valley technology-focused private equity firm Accel-KKR and New Zealand based Pencarrow Private Equity, accelerating growth and creating greater value for our customers. Recently, Seequent was acquired by Bentley Systems for $1.05B.

Driving Seequent’s complex scientific software with a focus on world-class engineering has been the companies operational mantra since its inception. In understanding the aspirations of the company, I saw an opportunity to begin reshaping how Seequent thought through its product design life-cycle by placing greater emphasis on customer engagement. With cloud-adoption growing in the user-base, establishing new functional-design paradigms would need to not only extend the current desktop software focus but redefine it.


Previously, I was Sr. Director, Technical Operations at Dissolve.

Dissolve is one of the most recognised and loved stock footage companies in the industry, renowned for its inspirational video marketing.

Dissolve’s work has won 6 Vimeo Staff Picks (with over 5 million organic views) and acclaimed by Time Magazine, Mashable, BuzzFeed, Adweek, Fast Company, Advertising Age, Wired, The AV Club, and many others.

Prior to Dissolve, I was Director, Interaction and Design at Corbis.

Corbis was one of the world’s leading visual media providers of commercial and editorial photography, illustration, and footage. In 2007, Bill Gates and Corbis acquired Veer (see below).

As home to some of the world’s most iconic photography (such as the Bettmann Archive), Corbis was more than a creative powerhouse; it was a repository of some of the worlds most historically relevant imagery.

Prior to our acquisition by Corbis (and Bill Gates), I was Co-founder and Director, Worldwide Community at Veer.

Veer became the first “love-mark” in the stock image industry. To millions of creatives, Veer was synonymous with inspiration (delivered in catalogues, on the web, at conferences, and in social media).

Veer’s work has been acclaimed by Communication Arts, the Type Directors Club, the Webby Awards, SXSW Web Awards, HOW Magazine (including a “Perfect 10” award), and the Direct Marketing Association (including a prestigious ECHO award).

Veer’s culture was steeped in the sharing of ideas and stoking innovation through action in the field. I was honoured to introduce Stefan Sagmeister in Buffalo, NY, while taking that notion of collaborative connection to our global creative community.

Early experiences.

I started working on the internet during its early days. In 1994 I hired myself out to ISPs and Telecoms with a focus on interaction and UI design. My introduction to high-tech company life was at Imageclub Graphics which was the worlds first creative content aggregator on the web. It was here that I met and mentored under famed typographer and digital interface pioneer Grant Hutchinson.

My early career took me to Adobe, where I developed products, honed an understanding of customer-led design and helped build some of their earliest commerce sites. Then I moved to Verity/HP, where I focused on bringing simple, intuitive UX to broad, unstructured enterprise search. Eventually, I made my way back to Canada from California to start Veer with the folks who’d influenced the early days of my career.

Let’s do something great together, or get familiar with my history first.