Vice President, Digital Experience

I lead the world’s most advanced and trusted creator of subsurface, surface and infrastructure solutions forward in customer-centred organisational strategy, design advocacy, and digital experience.

In this role, I drive company-wide thinking on how world-class digital experiences should be delivered to thousands of users every day.


Acting Chief Customer Officer & Director, Experience Design

I drove design-thinking adoption, product design, brand strategy, story-based marketing, customer insights, and user success strategy, focusing on alignment, discovery, and experience. CX, UX, brand, creative services, marketing, product ownership and customer insights all fell under my purview at Seequent.


Sr. Director, Technical Operations

Responsible for strategic leadership as part of the management team, developing a technology roadmap for commercialisation that matched business aspirations and customer needs. I established a clear user-centred approach for technical considerations and designed multi-team workflows to support Dissolve’s commitment to excellence in execution.


Director, Interaction and Design

I architected Corbis’ move into user-generated content and online community engagement. As Director I was responsible for the strategic development of platforms (community), feature development (e-commerce), commercialisation strategy (UGC) and digital experience (web ecosystem).


Co-founder and Director, Worldwide Community

Responsible for the strategy and development of community platforms, feature development (e-commerce), and digital experience (web platforms) at Veer. I was a member of the management team that built Veer from inception to acquisition (by Bill Gates and Corbis in November 2007), and also architected Veer’s foray into user-generated content. Throughout my tenure at Veer, I worked to develop multidisciplinary teams which approached solution design from a holistic perspective. This approach saw technology marry with design, brand, marketing and biz-dev to produce several industry firsts.

Verity / Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

Manager, Advanced Technology Group

Responsible for the UX, production and development of Verity’s digital ecosystem, in addition to the deployment of homegrown technology on Verity’s intranet – which was leveraged as a showcase by our global sales organisation. I managed localised design teams for NAM and EMEA while spending half of every month in The Valley during the boom.

Image Club Graphics / Adobe Systems

User Experience / Product Design

Responsible for UX, user research, asset production, and functional design for commercial products and e-commerce platforms. During my time at Adobe, I was part of the team that developed one of Adobe’s first e-commerce platforms and created the world’s first creative content aggregator on the web.