Acting Chief Customer Officer & Director, Experience Design

I lead the world’s largest geoscience platform company forward in adopting design-thinking practices, product design, and customer insights and success strategy.


Sr. Director, Technical Operations

Responsible for strategic leadership as a member of the executive, developing a technology roadmap for commercialisation that matched business aspirations and customer need. I established a clear user-centred approach for technical considerations and designed multi-team workflows to support Dissolves commitment to excellence in execution.


Director, Interaction and Design

I architected Corbis’ move into user-generated content and online community engagement. As Director I was responsible for the strategic development of platforms (community), feature development (e-commerce), commercialisation strategy (UGC) and user experience (web ecosystem).


Co-founder and Director, Worldwide Community

Responsible for the strategy and development of community platforms, feature development (e-commerce), and user experience (web platforms) at Veer. I was a member of the management team that built Veer from inception to acquisition (by Bill Gates and Corbis in November 2007), and also architected Veer’s foray into user-generated content. Throughout my tenure at Veer, I worked to develop multidisciplinary teams which approached solution design from a holistic perspective. This approach saw technology marry with design, brand, marketing and biz-dev to produce several industry firsts.

Verity / Hewlett-Packard

Manager, Advanced Technology Group

Responsible for the UX, production and development of Verity’s web ecosystem, in addition to the deployment of homegrown technology on Verity’s intranet – which was leveraged as a showcase by our global sales organisation. I managed localised design teams for NA and EMEA while spending half of every month in The Valley during the boom.

Adobe Systems

User Experience / Product Design

Responsible for UX, user research, asset production, and functional design for commercial products and e-commerce platforms. During my time at Adobe, I was part of the team that developed one of Adobe’s first e-commerce platforms and created the worlds first creative content aggregator on the web.